Seminars / trainings

We have several decades of experience in the testing and quality assurance of construction work (earthworks, road construction, asphalt pavement and concrete construction) as well as environmental analysis. We are happy to share this knowledge with you. Benefit from our experience by joining one of our seminars.

Our experts offer regular seminars covering the following topics:

  • GESTRATA Basics of asphalt road construction
  • GESTRATA Advanced training course F5 – Maintenance and rehabilitation of asphalt pavement
  • GESTRATA Advanced training course F9 – Waste legislation requirements for the recovery and landfilling of waste
  • Workshop for producers of asphalt mixes
  • Information session for producers of aggregates
  • Training for construction companies – asphalt mixes
  • Training for construction companies – asphalt paving
  • Training for construction companies – unbound layers
  • Concrete Academy seminar on exposed concrete
  • Concrete Academy seminar on fibre concrete monolithic slabs
  • Waste legislation basics
  • Austrian Landfill Ordinance 2008
  • Austrian Federal Waste Management Plan 2011
  • Austrian Recycled Construction Materials Ordinance
  • How to handle waste on a construction site

Are you looking for a specialised seminar or a speaker for your event? We are happy to tailor a course to your needs.

This offer is for concrete, asphalt and aggregate manufacturers, construction companies and construction engineers.

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