Condition surveys / measurement technology

We specialise in condition surveys of traffic and aircraft operation areas and use the latest measurement technology available. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of our clients and include visual inspection, non-destructive thickness measurement of road pavements, load-bearing capacity measurement of road structures and 3D laser scans.

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We use special vehicles to measure not only surface damage but also surface and structural characteristics that are essential for pavement management. Thanks to these methods, we can start defining measures for individual projects at an early stage.

Harald Aigner

Measurement technology and condition surveys

T +43 (0)2267 31300 - 390


Matthäus Eliadakis

Measurement technology and condition surveys

T +43 (0)2267 31300 - 335



Our portfolio includes numerous national and international projects completed to high quality standards, which demonstrates our efficiency and technical expertise.

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