We create connections

Roads, bridges, tunnels and airports connect people and places.
We make sure those connections are here to last.

All our companies are privately owned.
We are independent and impartial.

We believe the biggest challenge our clients are facing today
is the extremely high level of expertise and flexibility required in today’s marketplace.
It is a challenge we are willing to take on.

DI Dr. techn. Martin Buchta

Ing. Helmut Nievelt

About us

Our corporate group includes testing laboratories and inspection bodies accredited to European standards.

Our engineering firms specialise in road, concrete and geotechnical engineering and are licensed and certified under the respective national laws.

The group is managed by a Board of Directors made up of the Managing Directors of the Austrian, German and Serbian companies. Renowned experts from Austria and abroad serve as Board Advisors.

Business areas:

Infrastructure and civil engineering – roads, bridges, tunnels and airports
Testing and evaluation of (construction) materials: asphalt, bitumen, bitumen emulsions, soil, stone, earthworks, soil mechanics, geological materials, minerals, concrete, cement, mortar/grout, screed, shotcrete, masonry structures, chemicals, environmental technology, road marking and bespoke issues
Inspection services for the production of construction materials (e.g. CE marking)
Construction management, construction coordination and FIDIC Engineer


Nievelt Labor GmbH was founded in 1976 by Luise and Gottfried Nievelt. It is headquartered in Stockerau, a half-hour drive from the country’s capital, Vienna. The company was an approved construction materials testing laboratory until 1987, when we added a consulting service and focused above all on road condition surveys. We have since entered new business segments, and we have been developing new markets in Central and Eastern Europe since 1991.




1976 Foundation of Nievelt Labor GmbH
1987 Business activities in Hungary
1988 Business activities in Italy
1991 Business activities in Germany’s eastern states
1992 Foundation of a subsidiary in Germany
1993 Foundation of a subsidiary in the Czech Republic
1995 Accreditation of the testing laboratory and inspection body
1995 Business activities in Russia
1997 Business activities in Romania
1998 Business activities in Poland, Croatia, Georgia

2002 Foundation of a subsidiary in Italy
2003 Business activities in Iran and Afghanistan
2002 Foundation of a company in Serbia
2005 Business activities in China and Azerbaijan
2006 Foundation of Nievelt Ingenieur GmbH
2007 Foundation of a branch in Tyrol
2013 Foundation of a branch in Styria
2013 Foundation of a company in Georgia
2016 Foundation of a branch in Salzburg



Our services

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