Construction management / FIDIC Engineer

Partner up with us, and you can rest assured that your construction projects are in capable hands and on track – from initial idea to implementation and beyond. Our team specialises in providing civil engineering services, specifically for infrastructure projects such as the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels and aircraft operation areas.

Your projects will benefit from our experience, expertise and passion.

Construction management

What we can do for you:

  • Preparation of tenders
  • Accompanying control
  • Vetting of tenders and contract award proposals
  • Local construction supervision
  • Claim and anti-claim management
  • Impartial billing or auditing
  • Planning and construction site coordination pursuant to the Austrian Construction Work Coordination Act
  • Construction expert services and consulting
  • Road Safety Auditing


FIDIC Engineer

We support developers in planning and implementing projects under international construction contract law:

  • FIDIC Red Book (project planning and design provided by the developer)
  • FIDIC Yellow Book and FIDIC Silver Book (design and build contracts)

As independent engineers, we take responsibility for reviewing construction work schedules, monitoring progress, evaluating and establishing payment entitlements, handling claim management, assessing claims to make changes during the construction period, identifying defects, resolving technical and financial issues, auditing as well as performing checks and acceptance testing of construction works.

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Our portfolio includes numerous national and international projects completed to high quality standards, which demonstrates our efficiency and technical expertise.

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