Project references and expertise

Over the past few decades, our company has successfully completed a broad range of projects in numerous areas. Our experts stay abreast of the latest developments in their fields by joining working committees and expert panels and by attending training and continuing education courses. We are happy to share our knowledge to give our clients a competitive edge.

A02 motorway at Riegersburg
A02 motorway at Gleisdorf West
Vienna Airport, taxiway asphalt works
Vienna Airport, runway repair works
A05 motorway
A13 motorway, Sill bridge
Klagenfurt Airport, runway repair works
A12 motorway, Kufstein junction
A12 motorway, Kramsach to Münster
A13 motorway, demolition of motorway service area
A02 motorway at Riegersburg, repair works
A02 motorway, Unterwald to Herzogberg
Klagenfurt Airport, runway repair works 10L/28R
Vienna Airport, comprehensive renovation of runway system 11/29
Linz Airport, fillet extension
A02 motorway, Graz-Ost junction, drainage works
A02 motorway at Mooskirchen, objects G74, G75, G76 & G76a
A11 motorway, entrance area to the second tube of the Karawanks tunnel
Gazela Bridge, Belgrade (Serbia)
Amur highway, Chita to Khabarovsk (Russian Federation)
E-60 highway (Georgia), Agara to Ruisi, km 95 – km 114
S01 Vienna Outer Ring Expressway, Lobau Tunnel
A05 motorway
Railway line Ulmerfeld
S03 expressway, bridge objects assessment
Assessment of characteristic compressive strength
A09 motorway, consultancy in concrete technology, construction of the second tube of the Gleinalm Tunnel
Component testing screed, quality assurance
Masonry diagnostics, analysis of moisture content and damaging salts
Vienna Airport, B50/B60
Schwarzenberg barracks Salzburg, object 195
Lidl (former Turmöl facility), Heinestr., Vienna
Lutzmannsburg Spa Hotel
Residential building, Zeiselmauer-Wolfpassing
Dürnstein Tunnel
HTL Villach college and university
Garage of the Graz/Raaba road maintenance depot
SS38 main road at Bolzano (Italy)
SS42 main road, Bolzano to Passo Sella (Italy)
Variante di Valico Base Tunnel (Italy)
Storage space for KombiTerminal Burghausen GmbH
Verona Airport (Italy)
Heli Austria GmbH heliport, St. Johann im Pongau
S05 expressway at Krems Hafen
Götzis–Millrütte road, Vorarlberg
Götschka Tunnel, S10 at Unterweitersdorf
Vienna Airport, runway system 11/29
S36 expressway, Feistritz to Zeltweg Ost
Automotodrom Grobnik motorsport race track (Croatia)
Vienna Airport, Taxiway Mike
Klagenfurt Airport
Chișinău Airport (Moldova)
Road markings, cantons of Bern and Valais (Switzerland)
A01 motorway
A01 motorway
A01 motorway, Pöchlarn exit
A22 motorway
A22 motorway, S3 expressway
A22 motorway
A04 motorway
A02 motorway, Arnwiesen to Gleisdorf-Süd
A09 motorway, object K6
S06 expressway, objects S57A and S58A
A12 motorway, Kramsach to Münster
A13 motorway at Matreiwald
A13 motorway at Zenzenhof
Ludesch railway station
Collection of waste evidence, bulk material
Excavated soil, Melk river
AMW business premises
A02 motorway, G57 – G62
Construction of Retzer Land bypass road
Remediation and decommissioning of a filling station

Committees and expert panels

The list below shows some of the committees and expert panels our employees have taken part in over the past few years. If you have any questions about our references and activities, please do not hesitate to contact us at . Go to Contact for details on contact persons in each field.


Sworn and Certified Court Expert

World Road Association – PIARC

Austrian Standards

Austrian Research Association for Roads, Railways and Transport

Concrete Academy of the Austrian Society for Construction Technology

Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management

FIDIC core skills

Complex international construction projects are part of our day-to-day business. Our FIDIC engineers are specifically trained to deal with these challenges.

Please refer to the list below for our employees’ FIDIC core skills.


Veronika Betz

FIDIC Yellow and White Book, April 2012, London

Marko Dimitrijevic

FIDIC Red und Yellow Book, May 2004, Belgrade

Michael Hartmann

FIDIC Yellow and White Book, April 2012, London

Natasa Korica

FIDIC Contracts for Construction, April 2003, Belgrade
Conference on International Construction Contracts and Resolution of Disputes, ICC & FIDIC, March 2016, Istanbul

Helmut Nievelt

FIDIC Red and Yellow Book, May 2013, Oslo
International FI