Damage analysis / expert reports

Defects and damage can never be ruled out completely. We analyse, consult and write reports – if required, also in our capacity as sworn and certified court experts.

Damage analysis

In damage analysis cases, we provide our clients with comprehensive documentation, which forms the basis of comprehensive damage reports and also includes recommendations for action.

Our service covers the following essential criteria:

  • assessment of the extent of the damage,
  • assessment of the severity of the damage,
  • damage valuation,
  • weighting of different types of damages,
  • prediction of damage development,
  • and identification of possible causes of damage as a basis for the recommendations for action.


Expert reports

We prepare expert reports and statements to resolve disputes or uncertainties e.g. regarding the dimensioning of pavement structures, the (in)adequacy of concrete repair works, sealing or asphalting works and on insurance matters (fire damage).

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